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Port of LoadingPort of ArriveTransit Time
ShanghaiAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta28/23/30
ShenzhenAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta21/16/26
GuangzhouAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta19/21/31
NingboAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta26/21/28
QingdaoAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta33/28/41
TianjinAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta38/34/45
XiamenAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta23/18/33
DalianAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta36/31/40
ChinaEgypt3-7days by air

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If you’re planning to ship goods from China to Egypt, you need to know what the process entails.,ww w xxx

staxxx,In this case, it’s important to do your due diligence to ensure that the process is smooth sailing.

And, while working with a professional shipping agent can give you access to a great deal of expertise, it’s still important to know the basics of what to expect yourself.,porn in 3d

This guide, therefore, is going to cover all the basic information on shipping from China to Egypt.,omegle tv

This includes; estimated leaked sex ,transit time, freight rates, shipping options, finding a 3 movs sex among other things.

bf gf xxx,So, here is everything you need to know before moving goods from China to Egypt.


bra x videos, Egypt China

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fake cab sex,Time is a critical element of consideration when shipping across international borders.

You need to know how long your shipment may take to arrive at the final destination.,boob touch

ww w xxx,This will help you better organize your supply chain demands among other things.

taboo xvideo,Now, China is averagely 4285 miles away from Egypt which is quite some distance.

porn in 3d,And, we have to admit shipping goods from a city in China to another in Egypt will take a considerable amount of time.

From Shanghai to Alexandria

boob touch,From Shanghai to Alexandria

anal fucking,The amount of time this will take will depend on various factors.

xxx all porn,Mainly, it will depend on the means of transportation and the customs clearance process both in China and Egypt.

boob touch,When shipping from China to Egypt, there is the option of shipping by sea or by air.

Sea freight nonetheless is the most popular means of shipping for large volume goods.,hd xxx movi

hd porn,Air freight on the other hand is most preferred for smaller and urgent shipments.

croatia nude,With sea shipping, you should note that the sea routes vary.

asteliya xxx,This means that the transit time from China to Egypt will vary depending on the sea route used.

Again, China has lots of ports that also play a critical role in determining the shipping duration.,nude big bum

lobster porn,Compared to China, Egypt doesn’t have that many ports but it sure has a good number that receive shipments from China.

The bottom line here is that sea freight transit time from China to Egypt varies greatly depending on a lot of things.,wanktube

Generally however, the time it takes to ship from China to Egypt varies between 20-41 days.,mom hand job

With air freight, the average transit time is between 3-7 days.,gilf

Egypt Air

 Egypt Air,aunty doggy

abuseme porn,Note that with air freight, transit time will depend on the flight availability as well as the customs clearance process.

redtune,So what is the fastest means of shipping from China to Egypt?

Well, obviously shipping by air is faster.,gril sex

But then, it is not a matter of how fast you can get the goods but rather what is the right means of shipping for you.,asteliya xxx

You need to identify your shipping needs at the moment and then choose a means of shipping that best suits those needs.,desi 18 sex

femdom bdsm,For instance, if you’re shipping small volume goods air freight could work for you.

nude big bum,The same to if you want to deliver goods from China to Egypt urgently.

We’ll talk more about sea and air freight later in the article.,teen cunts

pussy selfie,For now, let’s find out how you can ship from different cities in China to Egypt.

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naughty xxx,Over the past few decades, China has experienced unparalleled economic growth.

Much of this growth is attributed to the county’s large export and sany leonxxx ,import industry.

Cheap labor, bulk production, fast turnarounds, and ready availability of raw materials; these are some of the things that continue to soar up the redtune ,manufacturing industry of China that spirals its economy.

Today, China is the largest exporter of goods to countries all over the world.,saexy

China Exports

China Exports – Image source: Trading Economics

desi 18 sex,Egypt in its essence is among China’s main trade partners.

It continues to benefit from exports drawn from China into Egypt.,sany leonxxx

croatia nude,The ease of moving goods between these two countries attributes to the many shipping points China has plus the quality infrastructure.

Now, each city in China has at least a major seaport and airport that facilitates movement of goods across the globe.,polices xnxx

legging sex,Shipping from each of this cities has it pros and cons which is something that I want to discuss in this chapter.

gilf,So read on.

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Shenzhen,ww w xxx , a city located in Guangdong province of southern China is known as the China’s major manufacturing hub.

com sex xxx,The city links to Hong Kong, another economic hub, to mainland China.

It forms part of the Pearl River delta region, popularly known as Chinas megacity.,sexsa video

saexy,Shenzhen as I’ve said is a major manufacturing center in China.

It hosts some of the largest factories and financial organizations in the country.,mofos porn

com sex xxx,The city also hosts some of the country’s largest shopping destinations including Luohu commercial city. Luohu is an enormous shopping mall where you can shop a vast array of wares including custom made clothing and faux designer bags.

Of shipping from Shenzhen, this shouldn’t be a worry.,xxx pussy

The city hosts one of the world’s largest and busiest container ports, Shenzhen sea port.,femdom bdsm

This sea port’s container throughput in 2017 alone is said to have hit 25.2 million TEUs.,taboo (1980)

hd porn,For air shipments, Shenzhen also hosts a major international airport that is home to several major carriers of the world.

gilf,The Shenzhen Baoan international airport is the main Asian pacific hub for UPS airlines.

Other major airlines that also serve this airport include; Lufthansa, EVA air, TNT, China airlines, China cargo and FedEx.,anal fucking

So all this is to say that shipping from Shenzhen to Egypt should not be a problem. No matter if you’re shipping by sea or air.,mia khali


Shanghai, gif is the largest city in China.,Its name means “on the sea” and it is located on the country’s east coast.

The city sits on both banks of the Huangpu River near where the Yangtze (Chang) River empties into the East China Sea.,ww free sex


Shanghai,leaked sex

Shanghai is a major international port and is China’s commercial, financial, and manufacturing center.,desi hot sex

Goods that you can find here, range from iron and steel, machinery, transport equipment, and ships to paper products.,teen sexxx

noemie bilas,Pharmaceuticals, precision instruments, textiles, and a variety of consumer goods are also manufactured here.

Shanghai is also one of China’s leading printing and publishing centers.,omegle tv

For shipping, Shanghai is home to the largest container shipping port in China.,vr sex

The shanghai sea port’s annual container throughput surpasses all of the country’s other ports.,polices xnxx

lyra louvel,Currently, this port has 145 berths, 75 of which can serve vessels of over 10,000 tones.

porn in 3d,The port also presently operates more than 20 international container lines shipping goods to various destinations across the globe.,Apart from sea shipping, air shipping is also booming in the city of Shanghai.

lobster porn,The Shanghai Pudong international airport is strategically located 40 km away from the city center.

larg cock,This airport is the main aviation hub of China. It is also the main Asian pacific hub for UPS and DHL airlines.

Besides this airport, there is also the Shanghai Hongqiao international airport that serves domestic and regional flights.,boob touch

bf gf xxx,The city’s infrastructure is also top notch. There is a Metroline and airport buses that connects the airports to the rest of the city.

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xxxpornhub ,Guangzhou is the fastest growing city in China. Like shanghai, this city is home to a vast number of manufacturing factories. gif,It is known as a hub for tailored clothing, footwear, handbags and all things fashion and accessories.

So if you’re in the fashion niche, Guangzhou,mom hand job is a good spot for sourcing your goods.

xxx step son,The advantage of shipping from Guangzhou is that the city has good infrastructure.


big huge sex,Guangzhou

lobster porn,The road and railway network, the airport and sea port all do well in connecting the city.

See shipping dominates the freight industry in China, no doubt.,abuseme porn

At present, more than two thirds’ transportation of international traded goods and 90% percent of Chinese export goods are shipped by sea.,gril sex

And those goods are mostly shipping from Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Ningbo to northern, eastern central and southern Africa.,gril sex

With the development of vr sex ,Ningbo’s economy, Ningbo has become a notable sea transportation city in China.

Its port is the among the largest and busiest freight transportation ports in the world.,saexy

Besides, the city’s municipality has built an intermodal transport network.,redtune

staxxx,This has extended Ningbo’s reach further into the hither land, central and west of China.

gilf,The intermodal transport network has impacted the cargo handling volume in and out of the city.

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Located in Guangdong province, Foshan,hd porn has historically been a key manufacturing center in China.

Its household appliances, textiles metal products and ceramics continue to enjoy great reputation in China and the world.,xxx pussy

Inside a mall in Foshan

omegle tv,Inside a mall in foshan

The city provides an additional origin port option for importers, exporters, third party logistic companies and ocean carriers.,legging sex

When air shipping from China to Egypt, you may experience challenges as there isn’t an international airport within.,wanktube

You will have to resort to the Guangzhou Baiyun international airport which is close by.,amirika xxx

Luckily, the transport network in this region is good.,boob touch

You can air ship the goods from a factory in Foshan via the Foshan Shadi or Shadi airbase to Guangzhou then ship to Egypt from there.,xxxpornhub

So these are the main cities that you can source goods from in China and ship to Egypt.,naughty xxx

As you can see at least each city has a sea port and an international airport which makes international shipping conveniently possible., gif

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Cost in international shipping is something you cannot afford to ignore.,ww free sex

wank movies,Whether you’re shipping by sea or by air, cost is something that you must consider before everything else.

oriental sex,In this chapter therefore, I want us to understand every aspect concerning the shipping rates from China to Egypt.

teen cunts,So let’s get right on.

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No doubt, air freight is by far the most expensive means of cargo transportation.,larg cock

The cost of shipping goods by air may double or even triple the cost of shipping the same volume of goods by sea.,larg cock

The good thing with air freight is that it is fast and reliable when shipping small volume and urgent goods.,nude wife

Egypt Air

Egypt Air,desi hot sex

Now in air freight, weight and volume are considered as critical factors that determine the cost of shipping.,polices xnxx

Air freight shipping companies determine freight rates using the dimensional weight of cargo or the volumetric weight.,anal fucking

naomi swann,Volumetric weight is also known as the actual weight of cargo on a scale.

chinasex,So whichever weight is higher between the two is what carriers will use to calculate the payable cost of freight.

cadence lux,To determine how much you’ll be paying to ship goods from China to Egypt by air, here is what you’ll need;


Dimensional weight is found by multiplying the length width and height of the cargo.,naughty xxx

The correct measurements for this can be found on the packing list your supplier provided.,sexsa video

So to get the dimensional weight; multiply the measurements as said i.e. L x W x H to get the volume of cargo.,

Note that the above calculation is if the measurements are in cm.,naomi swann

If the measurements are in meters, you will need to divide the resulting volume by 0.006 to get the volumetric weight.,pussy girls

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anal fucking,Actual weight of cargo is the true weight of the cargo as measured on a weighing scale.

The measurement unit in this case is in kilograms.,nude wife

For air shipping, the formula for calculation will be;,aunty doggy

teen cunts,The total volume of goods in cm3 divide by 5000

If the measurements are in meters divide the total volume of goods by 0.005,hunk fuck

Here are a few examples that’ll help you understand all this better.,polices xnxx

Example 1: ,pussy girls

You’re shipping a box from shanghai to Alexandria.,front fuck

xxx hd sxe,The box measures (40 x 30 x 50) cm. the actual weight of the cargo is 60kg.

To get the chargeable weight, here’s what will happen;,hd porn

Actual weight of cargo = 60 kg,sex14

pussy selfie,Dimensional weight of cargo = (40 x 30 x 50) cm

= 60,000cm3,desisexmms

pussy girls,We’ll divide this volume by 6000 since the measurements are in cm.

= 60,000/6000,femdom bdsm

gilf,= 10 kg

pussy selfie,So the dimensional weight of the cargo is 10 kg while the actual weight is 60 kg.

In this case, actual weight is higher and will thus be used to calculate the freight rates.,abuseme porn

Example 2:,

xxx pussy,You’re shipping a package from shanghai to Alexandria.

naughty xxx,The cargo measures (120 x 70 x 50) cm.

On a weighing scale, the cargo weighs 50 kg.,ali cobrin

What’s the chargeable weight?,

First, we will determine the dimensional weight of the cargo.,leaked sex

asteliya xxx,Dimensional weight = (120 x70 x 50) cm

desisexmms,= 420,000 cm3.

To get the volumetric weight we’ll divide 420,000 by 6000,pornstar bio

taboo (1980),=420,000/6000

= 70 kg,noemie bilas

oriental sex,The actual weight of the cargo is 50 kg.

amirika xxx,In this case, the dimensional weight which is 70 kg will be used to determine the freight charges as it is higher.

hd tube8 com,From all this, you can easily tell that weight and volume of cargo are very critical to the determination of air freight charges.

To avoid being over or undercharged when shipping by air, you need to ensure that the measurements you provide are correct.,hd tube8 com

In essence, you should ensure that the measurements indicated on the packing list are 100% true.,big huge sex

So immediately your supplier issues you with the list, check and verify that every detail indicated therein is correct.,bra x videos

lyra louvel

hd xxx movi,Sea freight rates are usually calculated per cubic meter basis.

jia lisa,Therefore, the largest determinant of how you’ll pay to ship from a city in China to another in Egypt is the cargo volume.

Sizes of shipping container

anal fucking, Size of shipping container – Image source: Port Shipping Containers

Take note of this:,big huge sex

teen sexxx,The cost of sea shipping is broad.

sex14,It doesn’t just cover the carrier charges for shipping a container from port A to port B.

It covers other costs i.e. port fees, handling fees, customs clearance fees, documentation,saexy and even delivery fees.

ww w xxx,The above fees are just additional fees that you will pay for at the destination port.

This is if you’re shipping on F.O.B terms,femdom bdsm .

If you’re shipping on oriental sex ,C.I.F terms or any other terms then these additional charges may apply at both the origin and destination ports.

lobster porn,Shipping CIF in this case will be more expensive than if you’re to ship FOB.

In the latter’s case, the seller will take care of all local charges at the origin port in China.,big huge sex

taboo (1980),So to ship a container from China to Egypt here is a summary of what you expect to pay in shipping costs;

  • 20ft container USD 1770
  • 40ft container USD 2301
  • 40ft HQ container USD 2416.

Note that these are costs for shipping an FCL mia khali ,shipping container.

If shipping LCL to Egypt, the cost calculation will be done like in air freight.,legging sex

Whichever weight is higher between the dimensional weight of cargo and the cargo weight is what will be used to determine the charges.,polices xnxx

hd tube8 com,So when sea shipping items from China to Egypt, it is best to seek the guidance of your shipping agent first.

Discuss with your agent the options available to you and choose a method that is suitable for your supply chain needs.,hd porn

Suez Canal

porn in 3d

leaked sex,Please note:

Many shipping companies will approach you with the ‘we provide cheap freight rates” language.

anal fucking,Understand that there is no cheap freight rate in international shipping.,The term cheap here is relative.

mobil xvideo,It all depends on what you’re shipping, where to and how.

So a supplier, forwarder or carrier that claims to offer cheap rates isn’t necessarily the best option for you.,drama porn

anal fucking,The best way to find a suitable shipping option for you is to research.

aunty doggy,Compare rates from different sellers and chose one whose services and rates align with your shipping needs.

Also, don’t forget to first discuss with your freight forwarding agent of the options you have.,mobil xvideo

He/she will help you pick the best possible solution for you.,hunk fuck

If you’re yet to find a reliable 3 movs sex, please contact BanSar,leaked sex .

We will be glad to assist you with guidance and advise you on the best way to go when shipping from China to Egypt.,bf gf xxx

xxx bast,And, talking of 3 movs sexs, let me guide you on how to find a good China to Egypt freight forwarding service.

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hot swingers,If you need a reliable freight forwarding service from China to Egypt, there are several companies to choose from.

lyra louvel,Look for a company that has the experience, capability and professionalism to make your shipping process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

 Freight Forwarder,Freight Forwarder,Among the services that a reliable 3 movs sex should provide are;

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Your chosen company should have the ability to pick up client’s cargo from all cities in China.,xxx bast

This should include manpower, transport facilities etc.,hot swingers

sex14,With this, you can easily ship goods from any city in China to Egypt without much worry.

Even if you’re sourcing goods,boob touch from different cities, a 3 movs sex like this can handle this well.

They will pick your cargo from all the cities and then package them into one shipment and help you ship to Egypt.,xxx bast

asteliya xxx

When shipping especially if its delicate items like ceramics, glassware etc., packaging is very important.,wank movies

You want to ensure that your delicate items reach their destination in one piece.,anal fucking

Also, you should know that packaging tends to increase the volume and weight of cargo.,czech sex

Therefore, you need to ensure that you’re not using a lot of packaging that’s heavy or that is unnecessary., gif


wanktube,Packaging boxes

taboo (1980),This could increase the weight and volume of the cargo which could also increase the cost of shipping.

In this case, you need a 3 movs sex that’s an expert in packaging different kind of goods for international shipping., gif

naomi swann

Documentation is yet another thing that you should never take lightly when shipping across international borders.,lobster porn

desi 18 sex,Proper documentation will help ease the shipping process especially when it comes to customs clearance.

pornstar bio,So ensure that your 3 movs sex has experts that can help you prepare and file your shipping paperwork.

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This is the trickiest part of international shipping.,nude wife

One wrong move with customs clearance and your cargo can be seized, rejected for entry or delayed.,abuseme porn

Cleared for public release by USARCENT PAO, MAJ Renee Russo. For additional information, contact MCC Anthony C. Casullo at or DSN 318-439-6250 or COM 011-973-1785-6250

Customs,naomi swann

To avoid all the problems that are associated with customs, ensure that everything related to it is in order.,teen sexxx

This includes paperwork and documentation plus the details provided in them.,naomi swann

sex14,You also should adhere to the set rules and regulations for export out of China and importing into Egypt.

amirika xxx,The best way to ensure a smooth customs clearance process is to hire a 3 movs sex with expertise in customs brokerage.

These tend to have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in customs clearance processes. They can help you get clearance from customs within the shortest time possible.,hd porn

Loading supervision is a very essential freight forwarding service that you should look up to.,boob touch

onlinecams,You see, many people tend to disregard the aspect of loading supervision when shipping cargo.

The fact is that, as a consignee, you’re ultimately accountable for the loading of your cargo for shipping.,legging sex,69 sexvideos

xxx bast,So basically, you have the liberty to arrange all the contents as you deem fit.

The bottom line nonetheless is that if at all your shipment is not loaded properly, it will most likely cause problems at customs.,gilf

ali cobrin,You see, when you fail to load goods properly, you give customs officials more work to examine and verify your shipment.

When this happens, delays, additional charges among other inconveniences become inevitable.,wank movies

com sex xxx,So my advice here is to better be safe than sorry by working with a forwarder who provides good loading supervision services.

nude wife

Delivery of goods to final destination is the ultimatum of international shipping.,cadence lux

So regardless of which means of freight you choose, you want to ensure that your goods reach your final destination safely and on time.,fake cab sex

Offloading shipping container

Offloading shipping container,wanktube

com sex xxx,In this case, choose a freight forwarding company that knows your route.

onlinecams,The forwarding service should guarantee you smooth shipping of goods from China to your destination in Egypt.

When choosing a 3 movs sex with regards to final cargo delivery, look for fast, affordable, and reliable shipping.,teen sexxx

asteliya xxx,The exact thing that BanSar China to Egypt freight forwarding service provides.

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hot swingers,Now, shipping from China to Egypt can be done it two ways, by air or by sea.

pussy girls ,Sea shipping is the most popular means of freight used by importers from China to Egypt.

This is because sea freight is cheaper, more convenient and reliable.,xxx pussy

It is however quite slow in delivering goods from China to Egypt unlike air freight.,mobil xvideo


COSCO,hd xxx movi

Sea freight delivery takes up to 45 days to deliver goods from China to Egypt.,mom hand job

Air freight delivers in a maximum of 3 days.,drama porn

asteliya xxx,Nonetheless shipping by sea is way more cost efficient.

Besides, it offers you the possibility of shipping any form cargo regardless of weight, volume, and type of goods you’re shipping.,pussy girls

With that knowledge, let us explore the various sea ports and routes that you can use to ship goods from China to Egypt.,anal fucking

naughty xxx

bra x videos,China has numerous seaports used for international shipping.

 Sea Ports in China

Sea Ports in China – Photo courtesy: PHOENIXRYZING,taboo (1980)

teen cunts,For imports to Egypt, I recommend you consider the following seaports:

– Dalian seaport,asteliya xxx

naughty xxx,– Tianjin port

– Qingdao seaport,desisexmms

– Shanghai seaport,desisexmms

desi hot sex,– Port of Ningbo

– Xiamen seaport,redtune

fake cab sex,– Port of Guangzhou

– Shenzhen sea port,noemie bilas

bf gf xxx,While these are not all the seaports in China, they are the best to use for international shipping to Egypt.

croatia nude,Why do I say this?

Simple!,69 sexvideos

Shipping distance greatly influences the cost of sea freight. And to be honest, it’s a very long way to Egypt from China.,69 sexvideos

ww free sex,Due to this, it is wise that you choose a seaport with the shortest distance from China to Egypt.

Also, you need a seaport with modern facilities and cargo handling equipment.,croatia nude

This will give you peace of mind as you’ll be assured that your cargo will be handled properly.,mofos porn

So based on these two facts, any of the above seaports would be great for cargo shipping to Egypt.,sex14

Remember that as you choose a port to ship from China to Egypt, you should consider the route.,sany leonxxx

As I’ve said, it is wise to choose the route that’s shortest to your destination.,hd porn

hot swingers,Allow me to show you the common shipping routes from China to Egypt below.

sexsa video

There are many routes that carriers use to move goods from China to Egypt.,xxx pussy

Some of these routes are quite long while some are short. So depending on your final destination, you should choose a route that’s not just short but also that is convenient for you.,sex14

 Sea route from China to Egypt

Sea route from China to Egypt,staxxx

You don’t want to incur unnecessary costs to transport goods from a sea port that very far from your final destination.,femdom bdsm

oriental sex,The table below simplifies the routes, total distance from origin to destination port as well as the transit time for shipping.

Origin portDestination portDistance in nautical miles (nm)Transit time in number of days
shanghaiAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta8365/8101/819728/23/30
ShenzhenAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta7225/7261/735621/16/26
GuangzhouAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta7533/7268/736319/21/31
NingboAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta8314/8050/814626/21/28
QingdaoAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta8718/8454/854933/28/41
TianjinAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta9112/8848/894338/34/45
XiamenAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta7829/7565/766123/18/33
DalianAlexandria/Port Said/Damietta8935/ 8671/ 876736/31/40

lobster porn

lyra louvel

polices xnxx,The above are the ports and routes that you can use to ship items from China to Egypt.

Note that each of these ports and routes has its pros and cons.,mia khali gif,So as you choose any of them, make sure that it is the right port/route for your shipping needs.

lobster porn,To ensure hassle free shipping from China to Egypt, you should also choose the right carrier for the process.

aunty doggy,Now, there are many shipping companies operating the sea routes from China to Egypt.

Not all of these companies are suitable for your needs.,hd xxx movi

So you need to be very careful when choosing any particular carrier to work with.,nude irani,To make things easier for you, we have selected a few companies for you.

These are companies that we believe will provide you with fast, affordable and reliable shipping services from China to Egypt.,sex14

They are;,aunty doggy

  • COSCO; fully known as China Ocean Shipping Company, COSCO is one of the largest container shipping lines in the world.

czech sex,It is also the most popularly used lines to ship goods from China to other parts of the world.

  • Maersk Line; this is the largest container shipping company in the world. It is a popular name on the waters running from China to Egypt.

Shipping with Maersk will not only give you competitive shipping rates but also reliable, safe and fast shipping,desisexmms

  • Hapag Lloyd; this is a German company that will offer you competitive shipping rates from China to any destination in Egypt.
  • MSC; this shipping line is well-known for offering scheduled shipping services from Asia to most parts of Africa. It’s shipping rates and container line services are known to be one of the most reliable and affordable in the sea freight industry.

saexy,Like I said, there are very many shipping companies offering freight services from China to Egypt.

The above are less than a handful of them.,mobil xvideo

So due to this vast majority, it is essential that you choose the right shipping company to work with.,hot swingers

For instance, the company you’re working with should have experience in shipping your kind of goods whether it is perishables or dry bulk cargo.,hd xxx movi


MSC,vr sex

bf gf xxx,Also, it should be an expert in shipping to your route.,It should also be reliable and affordable.

aunty doggy,Always consider these things to ensure that you pick the right carrier for your shipping needs.

Otherwise, you will have to face issues of shipping delays, damage and loss of goods, exorbitant freight rates among others.,hd xxx movi

If you’re not confident of finding the right carrier for you, we at BanSar will help you out.,anal fucking

abuseme porn,We have strong connections with major carriers from China to Egypt.

legging sex,With these connections, we can easily help you secure great shipping deals.

69 sexvideos

A question that you should ask yourself anytime you’re shipping from China to Egypt is, ‘who pays for freight costs’?,gril sex

sex14,It is essential that you do this as it will help you to better understand your role in the shipping process.

oriental sex,It will also help ease the process of shipping your goods from China to Egypt.

Now, who pays for freight costs is something that is determined by naughty xxx ,Incoterms 2010.

Incoterms are an international set of trade terms that determines the responsibility of the party for bearing the charges of freight.,saexy,They also decide the point of time when shipment is passed over from a seller to a buyer.

mia khali,Incoterms are used to eliminate costly mistakes in the international shipping process.

xxx bast,That said, here is a list of the most commonly used incoterms when shipping from China to Egypt.

Incoterms 2010

porn in 3d,Incoterms 2010

  • EXW; also known as EX Works, this term is usually followed by the name of the destination i.e. EXW Cairo.

This means that the seller is responsible for ensuring that the goods are available at the seller’s location.,naughty xxx

The EXW in this case will then determine where the goods are sent.,69 sexvideos

In this case, they will be sent to Cairo.,omegle tv

sany leonxxx,Note that in EXW, the seller is not responsible for freight costs.

  • FAS; FAS is often followed by the name of the shipping port i.e. FAS Alexandria.

Here, the seller is responsible for transporting the goods from his factory to the named port in China.,desi hot sex

polices xnxx,From here, the buyer will take care of all costs of shipping the goods from the port in China to final destination.

  • FOB; free on board which is usually followed by the name of port i.e. FOB Guangzhou. In this case, the seller will deliver the goods to the shipping port and oversee the loading of goods for shipping.

xxx all porn,The cost of shipping from origin port to destination port will be handled by either the buyer or the seller. It depends on the agreement.

  • CFR; this stands for Cost and Freight and is also usually followed by a named destination i.e. CFR Damietta.

In this incoterm, the seller pays for all the costs needed to transport the goods to the named destination.,bra x videos

saexy,All other costs are transferred to the buyer once the goods reach the named destination place.

  • CIF or Cost Insurance and Freight is a term that is also followed by a name of port or destination i.e. CIF Alexandria.

CIF note is quite similar to CFR but with additional conditions for the seller like insurance.,ww free sex

pussy selfie,Here, the seller is responsible for paying the goods insurance premium.

Note that the above are mainly departure incoterms.,porn in 3d

There are also incoterms for arrival that determine the condition of goods as they arrive at the destination port or place.,xxx all porn

These incoterms include, DAT (delivered at terminal), DAP (delivered at place) and DDP (delivered duty paid) just to name a few.,pussy girls

pussy selfie

I had told you that there are just two methods of shipping cargo from China to Egypt, which is air and sea.,fake cab sex

nude wife,Well, that’s true.

But then, within air shipping, there is a third method known as express shipping.,taboo xvideo

This method is way faster than the standard air freight methods that take 3-7 days to deliver goods.,mia khali

Express shipping can deliver goods from China to Egypt overnight or within one day. Yes, it’s that fast.,legging sex

mobil xvideo,You see, there are times when you’ll need more than just a basic delivery service.

hd xxx movi,These are times when you need to ship valuable documents, jewelry or any other high value and very urgent packages.

During these times, you will need to use a delivery service that is very fast and economical, in this case express shipping.,mom hand job

teen sexxx,Companies like FedEx, DHL, and UPS have mastered the routes from China to Egypt.

Express shipping

 Express shipping,bf gf xxx

They can provide you with fast and cost effective express delivery services from China to Egypt.,nude big bum

And although this method is best recommended for shipping smaller packages, you can still express ship large, heavy or OOG items.,oriental sex

hd xxx movi,Only that in this case, the cost of shipping will be very high.

sexsa video,So only consider it in the last instance when you need to deliver the items very urgently.

To benefit from express shipping solution, you will need to choose the right express shipping company.,

bf gf xxx,In this regard, look out for elements like;

fake cab sex,– Professional staff

legging sex,– Adequate facilities

naughty xxx,– Reliable shipping schedules

xxxpornhub,– Competitive rates

hd porn,– Knowledge of pacing and customs procedures

xxx all porn,If you can find an express courier that has these elements, you can rest easy knowing that you made the right choice.

So look around to find a company that suits your express shipping needs – one that will provide you with hassle free shipping from China to Egypt.,porn in 3d

mofos porn

Again, air freight is the fastest way to deliver goods anywhere in the world.,gilf

This form of shipping guarantees you meeting deadlines.,pussy selfie

oriental sex,No matter what kind of goods you’re shipping, you can be sure that the package will arrive in due time without fail.

teen sexxx,So for efficient air freight shipping, you need to know your airports.

This will help you know which ports to use when and why.,wank movies

Let’s start with the airports of Egypt.,mofos porn


Egypt has more than ten international airports.,legging sex

 Airports in Egypt

lyra louvel,Airports in Egypt

redtune,However, not all of these airports handle international cargo, only a few do.

These are the;,hot swingers

amirika xxx

Cairo international airport is one of the largest and busiest international airports of Egypt.,teen cunts

com sex xxx,It serves as the primary hub for Egypt air and several other airlines that operate round the clock flights from other parts of the world.

naughty xxx

hunk fuck,Luxor International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Egypt.

The airport is located just 8 km from the city and you don’t need a map to direct you to this airport.,mobil xvideo

drama porn,The advantage of shipping to Luxor is that the airport is easily accessible.

The road network leading to the airport is very good.,mom hand job

The airport has very good and modern cargo facilities.,xxx all porn

These include a refrigerated storage, animal quarantine, and livestock handling among other facilities.,anal fucking

Also, cargo airlines from all over the world land at the Luxor international airport.,jia lisa

In particular, the ones that make routine trips to this airport is the Egypt air cargo, Lufthansa, emirates air, Qatar airways and Chinese air cargo.,staxxx

hunk fuck,These are the two main airports that handle cargo from other parts of the world and especially from China.,Other airports include Hurghada, Sharm el sheikh and Borg el Arab international airports.

front fuck

Compared to Egypt, China has very many airports.,gril sex

xxx hd sxe,I guess this is mainly because the country is the largest exporter of goods to the world.

Airports in China

Airports in China,staxxx

So to ship from China, you’ve got so many options with regards to shipping airports.,mobil xvideo

onlinecams,The best part is that most of the airports in China are modernized with state of the art facilities among other things.

The airports that you can ship goods from China from include;,xxx bast

  • The Beijing capital international airport in Beijing
  • Guangzhou international airport in Guangdong, Guangzhou
  • Chengdu shuangilu international airport in Sichuan, Chengdu
  • Shanghai Pudong international airport located in Shanghai
  • Shenzhen Baoan international airport in Guangdong, Shenzhen
  • Kunming Changshui international airport in Yunnan
  • Shanghai Hongqiao international airport in Shanghai
  • Xi’an Xianyang International Airport in Shaanxi, Xi’an
  • Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport in Chongqing
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport in Hangzhou, Zhejiang
  • Nanjing Lukou International Airport Jiangsu, Nanjing
  • Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport in Fujian, Xiamen
  • Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport Henan, Zhengzhou
  • Changsha Huanghua International Airport in Hunan, Changsha
  • Qingdao Liuting International Airport in Shandong, Qingdao

These are the main airports that you can choose as your origin airport for shipping from China.,taboo xvideo

taboo xvideo,Note that major airlines operate from these airports.

vr sex,These include giants like Lufthansa, Eva air, China air cargo, emirates, FedEx, Cathay, UPS and so many others.

pussy selfie,So don’t have any single doubt when opting to use any of these airports.

sany leonxxx,The only thing you should do is choose the one that is suitable for your supply chain needs. gif

hd xxx movi,You see, the good thing about importing from China is that there are very many ways and places to source goods and find suppliers.

 ,sexsa video

Alibaba,nude big bum is one of those many places that continue to offer importers easy access to suppliers and goods.

saexy,Note that Alibaba is one of the world’s largest B2B online platforms and the largest marketplace in China.

gilf,This is where most importers from other parts of the world source their products from.

Unfortunately, everything to do with Alibaba is not as easy as it sounds.,xxx all porn


Alibaba,xxx pussy

But it is also not as hard as most of you think.,front fuck

All you need to successfully ship from Alibaba to China is good guidance.,wanktube

Here’s how to do it;,mom hand job



The first step of sourcing goods from Alibaba is to create an account.,vr sex

noemie bilas,If you already have an account just proceed to the sign in page and log in with your Alibaba surname and password.

xxx pussy

drama porn,Now this is where the challenge often begins for most people.

First, you need to have a product in mind before you think of buying from Alibaba.,croatia nude

gril sex,Or anywhere else in China for that matter.

I’ve a whole chapter towards the end of this article discussing some of the popular products imports China to Egypt.,

You will find that piece helpful when deciding what product to import,czech sex to Egypt from Alibaba.

So search for your product using the appropriate search terms. I.e. if you’re looking for ladies handbags just type in ladies handbags.,polices xnxx

saexy,If you think this is too much work, Alibaba has you covered.

mobil xvideo,On the left hand pane of the site, there is a drop down menu from which you can use to choose your product.

wank movies,Generally, when searching for a product in an enormous site like Alibaba, you’ll need to be more specific.

Using the provided categories will give you thousands of products in search results.,sex14

The same to if you’re suing general terms to search for the product.,gril sex

You need to be a little specific or rather personalize the search to be able to get more specific results.,pornstar bio

You need to be a little specific or rather personalize your search to reduce the results to something more specific.,taboo xvideo

An alternative to searching by product name, would be to search by suppliers.,taboo xvideo

This is actually easier as Alibaba has a specialized list of ‘suppliers’ tab that you click on to search for your preferred suppliers in China.,xxx pussy

Or, instead of trying to find a product or supplier, you can also post a request for quote (RQ) and let suppliers find you.,xxx step son

To do this, simply click the submit RQ tab on the Alibaba website.,69 sexvideos

From here, suppliers will see your request and those interested will try to contact you.,lobster porn

xxx step son

com sex xxx,Under each of your search results whether for product of supplier, there is a contact supplier option.

Understand that this is your chance to ask all the questions you have in mind and possibly negotiate the price and MOQ.,gril sex

porn in 3d,So take this opportunity to find out all you need to and put all questions to rest.

nude big bum,Also, use this as an opportunity to ask for samples that’ll help you verify the quality of the product you intend to order.

In your negotiations, don’t forget the currency and method of payment,xxx hd sxe as these are very critical aspect of buying from Alibaba.

taboo (1980)

saexy,Once you’ve chosen a supplier and verified that they are trustworthy, go ahead and order goods.

As you make the order, make sure to stick to the terms of sale that you agreed upon with the supplier.,chinasex

If you agreed on FOB terms stick to it and don’t try to change or force any changes.,hd porn

hot swingers

porn in 3d,After ordering for goods, and after you’ve received the invoice, pay for the goods based on the methods agreed.

Remember, when shipping from China to Egypt, always use the less risky payment methods like PayPal or wire transfer.,xxx all porn

With Alibaba, you can also pay via the Alibaba escrow service.,saexy

Here, you will deposit funds to escrow and Alibaba will only release the funds to the supplier once you’ve acknowledged receipt of goods.,drama porn

staxxx,The only challenge with using Alibaba’s escrow service is that it is only available for suppliers based in mainland China.

If you’re buying from a Hong Kong or Taiwan based supplier then you’ll have to consider other options.,croatia nude

polices xnxx

saexy,With your order ready, you can now contact your freight forwarding agent and proceed to the shipping part.

xxx step son,That is the very simple process of buying goods from Alibaba.

There is something I need you to understand about Alibaba and this is that not all suppliers there are trustworthy.,saexy

noemie bilas,Therefore, you need to do your due diligence to ensure that the supplier you’re dealing with is credible.

This article has more information about buying from sex14 ,Alibaba importing from China: the definitive guide.

naughty xxx,Now, a question that most people ask when they hear about Alibaba is if you can also buy and ship from AliExpress.


asteliya xxx,AliExpress

Well, the answer is yes.,noemie bilas

However, Alibaba is the best place to source for goods in wholesale while Aliexpress works like a retail site.,xxx hd sxe

So it is best for drop shipping or for small scale purchases.,xxxpornhub

naomi swann,I’ll tell you more about drop shipping later.

And for importers from Egypt, you can easily buy goods from Aliexpress and have them shipped to your destination in Egypt.,mom hand job

The process is pretty much the same.,xxxpornhub

You just need to keep an eye out for fake suppliers.,vr sex

hunk fuck

staxxx,There are various modes of shipping goods from China to Egypt.

Depending on the type of goods you’re shipping, you can choose to ship FCL, LCL, OOG, or RoRo.,naomi swann

Besides, you can also choose to drop goods from the many sources online like Aliexpress or better yet opt for door to door delivery.,xxx all porn

larg cock,Whatever mode you choose to use will depend on various factors.

front fuck,Type of goods as I’ve already mentioned, volume of goods, urgency of delivery, supply chain and your budget.

Allow me to briefly explain each of these modes for you to understand them better.,

ali cobrin

International shipping does not limit you to shipping only large volume goods.,gril sex

You can still ship a small volume of goods from China to Egypt without any hassle by booking LCL shipping.,staxxx

 LCL Shipping

naughty xxx,LCL Shipping – Photo courtesy: Clear Your Customs Concepts Here

LCL shipping allows you to conveniently ship cargo from China to Egypt no matter how small.,sex14

All you need to do is find shippers headed the same direction, consolidate your cargo with theirs and you’re good to go.,xxx bast

hd tube8 com

If you have cargo that is large enough to fill a standard shipping container, then shipping to Egypt is a breeze for you.,mofos porn

teen cunts,With this, you can ship using 20ft, 40ft or 40HQ containers depending on how big the cargo is.

The advantage of FCL shipping is that it gives you exclusive ownership of the container for a shipping period.,onlinecams

femdom bdsm,This way, you won’t have to worry damaging or losing goods when shipping or even theft as in the case of LCL shipping.

larg cock,The best part? You don’t even have to fill up a standard shipping container to be able to ship FLC.

69 sexvideos,All you need is the ability to pay for an entire shipping space regardless of the size of your goods.


xxx pussy,OOG stands for out of gauge.

This is a form of shipping that’s used to ship goods that are either abnormally shaped or oversized such as plant and agricultural machinery.,naughty xxx

 OOG Shipping

OOG Shipping,wank movies

aunty doggy,OOG shipping in this case provides a convenient, safe and reliable way to move such goods from China to Egypt.

hd tube8 com

RoRo shipping is the ideal option for shipping wheeled cargo such as buses, cars and trucks.,xxx pussy

hd porn,The RoRo vessels used in this kind of shipping are designed in such a way that cargo is wheeled directly on and off the deck.

Ro Ro Shipping

 Ro Ro Shipping,bra x videos

pornstar bio,To ensure safety, RoRo cargo is often secured underdeck to avoid movement during transportation.

com sex xxx

jia lisa,Perishable goods and temperature sensitive items like medicines, fruits, vegetables and dairy products require specialized shipping.

gilf,Reefer shipping in this case provides a solution for importers who want to ship such kind of goods from China to Egypt.

Reefer Ship

bf gf xxx,Reefer Ship

This shipping modes will ensure that your goods are transported in their required conditions and that they reach the destination in good form.,vr sex

xxx bast

Drop shipping is a form of shipping where you operate an online business without an inventory.,desi 18 sex

hd porn,Here, you shop for products directly from the supplier but instead have the supplier send the goods directly to the customers address.

Drop Shipping

sexsa video,Drop shipping

anal fucking,This means that at no point in the supply chain process will you have any physical contact with the goods.

Drop shipping works best with sites like Aliexpress, and Taobao.,gilf

amirika xxx

The door to door shipping is an excellent alternative if you are a busy person or just don’t want to be involved in the shipping process.,wanktube

With this, you need to identify a reliable supplier in China and order the goods.,nude wife

 Door to door shipping

pussy selfie,Door to door shipping

After this, you’ll find a 3 movs sex who will handle their delivery from China to your final destination in Egypt.,mobil xvideo

sex14,The forwarder, in this case, will pick the goods from the supplier and ship them to you.

nude big bum,He/she will handle everything including local transportation, customs clearance, loading and offloading of the cargo.

fake cab sex,From all this, you can easily tell that each of these shipping modes is suitable for different types of cargo and shipping circumstances.

So choose your mode wisely paying attention to the factors I’ve told you about.,sexsa video

hd tube8 com

Egypt like most African countries has a thriving market for made in China products.,sex14

hunk fuck,And like I said, if you’re planning on importing from China to Egypt, it is important that you know what type of products you’re importing.

You see, Egypt imports a lot of products not just from China alone but from various countries around the world.,naomi swann

China however is among Egypt’s largest trade partners.,staxxx

In fact, a staxxx ,large percentage of Egypt’s imports come from China.

mobil xvideo,In 2017 alone, the country imported goods worth .1 billion from China.

Egypt imports

 Egypt imports – Photo courtesy: MIT,hd xxx movi

jia lisa,This is huge and it only tells us one thing, that there is potential for made in China products in the Egyptian market.

xxx pussy,Remember though, not everything will sell as Egypt has its own local market.

Agricultural produces, textiles and apparels are things that Egypt produces on its own.,xxx bast

femdom bdsm,The government has also put stringent measures to protect the local market.

Well, let me not bore you with too much details. Here is a list of the top product imports from China to Egypt;,leaked sex

  • Machinery
  • Electronic equipment
  • Organic chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Iron and steel products (Egypt also has a large steel manufacturing industry)
  • Manmade filaments and fibers
  • Vehicles
  • clothing

These are the major imports from China to Egypt.,69 sexvideos

If you’re importing for commercial reasons, I advise that you first research your market, carve a niche, and then identify a product in that niche that will sell.,asteliya xxx

mofos porn,This way, you can be sure to enjoy great profits from the import from China to Egypt business.

As I said to you earlier though, the Egyptian government has put some stringent measures on products imports.,pussy selfie

There are products that are restricted for entry into Egypt as there are also those that are completely prohibited.,larg cock

For successful shipping and importation of goods to Egypt, it is essential that you know what these products are.,

boob touch

These are items that require special permission from the Egyptian customs authorities.,larg cock

So before importing any of these from China, make sure that you have the right authorization to do so.,mom hand job

  • Used passenger vehicles
  • Beef and beef products
  • Whole frozen poultry
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Literary works

hot swingers

These are products that the Egyptian government has a zero tolerance for.,nude big bum

xxx all porn,In other words, they are products that are completely banned for importation into Egypt.

nude irani,They include;

  • Poultry parts and offal
  • Heat treated feather meal
  • Used and refurbished medical equipment and supplies
  • Natural products, vitamins and food supplements
  • Fake currency
  • Any products that may be considered to offensive to the Muslim culture

hd porn,There are other products missing in this list that you can find from the Egyptian customs authority website.

wank movies

hot swingers,It is no secret that shipping from China to Egypt presents its unique challenges.

The process can be especially nerve wracking if you’re a newbie with very little knowledge on how it works.,69 sexvideos

Not to worry though because all this doesn’t have to be hard.,asteliya xxx

Egypt imports

BanSar China,

If you’re not confident of handling the shipping process by yourself, hire a reliable and trustworthy freight forwarder.,teen cunts

hd tube8 com,A forwarder like BanSar China.

onlinecams,Why BanSar?

com sex xxx,Well, BanSar offers you competitive shipping rates, world class services, timely deliveries and need I say, professionalism in everything.

xxxpornhub,Besides, we have been in the transport and logistics industry for over a decade now.

Throughout this time we have managed to gain insurmountable experience to handle any shipping concerns.,porn in 3d

oriental sex,We are confident in our ability to ensure the smooth delivery of your cargo from China to Egypt.

BanSar is a customer driven business. Our priority is to provide customers with reliable, affordable and timely deliveries to any destination in Egypt.,amirika xxx

When you choose to work with us, we promise to take care of everything relating to the shipping process.,xxx pussy

This way, you can focus on other important things in your business.,czech sex

com sex xxx,What’s more? Partnering with BanSar is saying good bye to all the shipping risks and challenges that may bring you losses and regret.

ali cobrin,With us, it doesn’t matter what kind of shipping you want as we have just the perfect solution for all your shipping needs.

Our transport and logistics services include;,cadence lux

  • Affordable sea freight shipping including FCL and LCL shipping options
  • Reliable air freight services for all your urgent shipping needs
  • Seamless customs clearance services
  • Warehousing and distribution services
  • Cargo insurance
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Door to door delivery

The bottom line:,vr sex

Egypt is a long way from China.,gilf

wank movies,Because of this, I know it can be hard to trust a stranger with your consignment all the way especially without your presence.

amirika xxx,Nonetheless, BanSar promises to deliver your cargo from China safely, reliably and as I’ve said multiple times, affordably.

So don’t hesitate to hunk fuck ,contact us anytime you need help shipping items from China to Egypt.

hd tube8 com

vr sex,Well, that is everything you need to know about shipping from China to Egypt.

With this information, I hope that you can now ship from China to Egypt without any fear or worries.,xxx all porn

nude wife,As you do this, remember that you don’t have to do it alone. BanSar is here to offer you guidance and assistance every step of the way.

 ,anal fucking

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